About MedPlus, Inc.

MedPlus has focused on developing and supporting clinical and administrative applications since its inception in 1991, providing solutions that serve physician practices, hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDN), regional/community health information networks (RHIO) and health information exchanges (HIE).

What employees say

“They keep us moving in the right direction and it allows our company to expand instead of cutting back.”
“Learning opportunity. Extremely knowledgeable people who are very willing to share their knowledge.”
“Communicates frequently in a group forum so all employees know what is going on in the company.”
“This is a very exciting and dynamic market space and it seems that we are making positive strides.”
“The environment, dedication to fairness, encouragement for growth and location.”
“The atmosphere, and the teams I work with feel like an extension of my family. ”
“Most motivational is being able to work from home when you have a sick child, to schedule Dr appointments during the day and not getting any points taken away. That flexibility is the motivation for me.”
“Listens and trusts us, they do not micromanage one bit. They put a lot of faith and trust in us to get the job done. It's a very rewarding relationship, Happy employees return good results.”
Where to find MedPlus, Inc.