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Hubert Company

Employees in region:
Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
HQ location:
Harrison, OH



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About Hubert Company

Originally founded by the Hubert family in 1946, the Hubert Company is a subsidiary of the international company TAKKT AG based in Stuttgart, Germany. TAKKT AG is owned by Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. With 54,000 employees, the Haniel Group has been in business for nearly 250 years, generating sales in excess of 29 billion euros per year. Hubert North America provides more than 30,000 in-stock articles and our 1,000-page catalog is mailed to more than one million addresses per year. We strive to help our customers increase sales and reduce costs through our global sourcing capabilities and our unique business model.

By demanding excellence from our partner suppliers and through our commitment to the highest quality across all our operations, we can be counted among the stalwarts of the Foodservice and Retail industries.

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What employees say

“I always feel appreciated and valued. Even though I am "low on the totem pole", I never feel that my position is less valuable to the managers.”
“I can help achieve customer satisfaction through innovation and creativity.”
“They know their stuff and have created a engaging workplace. They trust us to figure out what needs to be done.”
“Working on my own without managers close by. Being able to get days off for personal problems. Most of the people are great to work with.”
“Freedom to do my job, and great pay.”
“He always has an open door policy. Never puts you off, stops what he is doing to listen and advise. If you are right, he always has your back!”
“Having luncheons and activities.”
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